Henry Matisse’s Swimming Pool

Poet, lê thị diễm thúy, expresses her interest in Henri Matisse’s The Swimming Pool through her flow of words from Sans Papiers. She creates a bridge between the water’s beautiful ability to take the form of anything. The adaptive state of it is comparable to the life of a migrant. Their body weaves into the crooks and crannies of their new-found world to create a different way of living for not only themselves but for the future generations to come.

The various blue shapes resembling humans in Matisse’s work shows how people stretch their body to the extent for liberation. The price of coming to an unknown land is to mold oneself into foreign concepts.

Diversity Illustration by Angelina Bambina

Poet Mohja Kahf, wrote “My Grandmother Washes Her Feet”, to show her grandma’s daily rituals. Many Americans don’t understand the rituals of the Muslim, so Kahf’s poem educates people of the Islamic tradition. With the words written by a Muslim, we can trust how the rituals are performed. People who aren’t used to the traditions believe that it may be inappropriate.

Being able to acknowledge cultural differences can unite people in America. Kahf mentions having a “great common ground” because the moment people become present in the open world where new ideas and concepts are introduced, we will understand each other more. As a result, people with different backgrounds will not be seen as a “foreigner”, but as an American.

The great expanse of the world can be discovered through our personal experiences. To know the ins and outs of the untold secrets can be simply revealed within the words of others — through books and the tales of the wise. …

The beauty of creation is it comes in the form of what we believe “beauty” is. Artists interpret their world in a variety of ways by conveying it through elaborate designs, splashes of color, and even photo clippings of our tangible life as well.

Many people don’t realize the intricacy…

In the carefully crafted piece, “Mend” by Nathaniel Mary Quinn, he uses different mediums such as charcoal, pastels, and oil paints to cover the face of a human. He still uses the main parts of the face with the nose, mouth, and pair of eyes. At first glance, confusion will…

People are birthed into a mold, commonly known as expectations. As they age, their greatness is typically measured by their dedication to these expectations and their resulting accomplishments. There are people raised in a community of similar ideals and economic backgrounds. They pickup what others put down for them, digesting…


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